x11/xmixer, multimedia/ruby18-shout, etal Followup

Bill Blue bblue at netoldies.com
Wed Sep 20 15:45:05 PDT 2006

On Wed, 20 Sep 2006 14:49:05 -0700, Bill Blue <bblue at netoldies.com> wrote:

> I have updated and rebuilt the entire installed ports tree, but afterwards when trying to add/build xmixer, ruby18-shout and a few others, I'm still getting the same failures in accessibility/dasher (as described earlier) even though dasher itself will build with no problems.
> Additionally, when you start the build for any of these problem ports, they start cleaning for 100's of other ports, most of which have nothing to do with the target build.
> Surely someone must recognize this behavior, Help!
> What else do you need to know about the problem?
> --Bill

Ok, I have found the problem.  I had mis-specified the port group that a particular port was in.  xmixer is in audio, not x11, for example.

if you use portmaster's -p option to specify the path to a port and that path doesn't exist, portmaster will display a message that the path is not found and no xref is found, but then proceed to clean for ' ', which essentially walks through the entire tree.  It doesn't stop when the specified port is not found!  The not found messages go by quickly and I never saw them.


%portmaster -p /usr/ports/x11/xmixer

===>>> No /usr/ports/x11/xmixer exists, and no information
===>>> about x11/xmixer can be found in /usr/ports/MOVED

===>>> Launching 'make checksum' for  in background
make: don't know how to make config. Stop
===>>> Gathering dependency list for  from ports
make: don't know how to make all-depends-list. Stop
===>>> No dependencies for

===>>> Starting build for  <<<===

===> accessibility
===> accessibility/at-spi
===>  Cleaning for at-spi-1.7.7_1
===> accessibility/at-spi-reference
===>  Cleaning for at-spi-reference-1.7.7_1
===> accessibility/atk
===>  Cleaning for atk-1.11.4_1
===> accessibility/atk-reference
===>  Cleaning for atk-reference-1.11.4
===> accessibility/dasher
===>  Cleaning for dasher-4.0.4,1
===> accessibility/gail
===>  Cleaning for gail-1.8.11_1
===> accessibility/gail-reference
===>  Cleaning for gail-reference-1.8.11_1
===> accessibility/gnome-mag
===>  Cleaning for gnome-mag-0.12.6
===> accessibility/gnome-speech
===>  Cleaning for gnome-speech-0.3.10
===> accessibility/gnopernicus
===>  Cleaning for gnopernicus-1.0.6
===> accessibility/gok
===>  Cleaning for gok-1.0.10,1
===> accessibility/kdeaccessibility
===>  Cleaning for kdeaccessibility-3.5.4
===> accessibility/linux-atk
===>  Cleaning for linux-atk-1.9.1
===> accessibility/ruby-atk
===>  Cleaning for ruby18-atk-0.15.0
===> arabic non-existent
===> archivers
===> archivers/9e
===>  Cleaning for 9e-1.0
===> archivers/advancecomp
===>  Cleaning for advancecomp-1.15
===> archivers/arc
===>  Cleaning for arc-5.21o_1
===> archivers/arj
===>  Cleaning for arj-3.10.22
===> archivers/bicom
===>  Cleaning for bicom-1.01
===> archivers/bzip
===>  Cleaning for bzip-0.21
===> archivers/bzip2
===>  Cleaning for bzip2-1.0.3_1
===> archivers/cabextract
===>  Cleaning for cabextract-1.1_1
===> archivers/dact
===>  Cleaning for dact-0.8.41
===> archivers/deb2targz
===>  Cleaning for deb2targz-20021217
===> archivers/deepforest
===>  Cleaning for deepforest-1.0a
===> archivers/deutex
===>  Cleaning for deutex-4.4.0
===> archivers/dpkg
===>  Cleaning for dpkg-1.10.28_1
===> archivers/dynamite
===>  Cleaning for dynamite-0.1
===> archivers/dzip
===>  Cleaning for dzip-2.9
===> archivers/ecm
===>  Cleaning for ecm-1.0
===> archivers/epkg
===>  Cleaning for epkg-2.3.9_1
===> archivers/fastjar
===>  Cleaning for fastjar-0.93.20060808
===> archivers/file-roller
===>  Cleaning for file-roller-2.14.4,1
... etc.

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