PHP_VER magic too smart for its own good

Erwin Lansing erwin at
Tue Sep 26 00:57:23 PDT 2006

After leeym added graphics/php4-imlib2 slave port to php5-imlib2, I've
been getting a warning in INDEX and an error in the modules check
script. This is due to and the slave port both trying to
accomplish the same result via different ways, and thus outsmarting
eachother when php4 is installed on a system.

The problem is:
graphics/php4-imlib2> make -V PKGNAME
graphics/php5-imlib2> make -V PKGNAME

which of course is completely bogus. We can't have two packages with the
same names in ports. The reason:

graphics/php5-imlib2> make -V DEFAULT_PHP_VER
graphics/php5-imlib2> make -V PHP_VER

Confused yet? does a runtime check to set PHP_VER from
php-config and uses this to build the port, even though the php5 port is
chosen, a php4 binary is built (at least, I hope so, the PKGNAME is
php4). Instead of this confusing magic to install php4 from at php5
port, I prefer that php5-imlib2 gets marked IGNORE when PHP_VER is 4,
both to not confuse our users and to unbreak the INDEX/modules.


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