probs on 6.2-prerelease

Michael Vince mv at
Sun Sep 24 20:16:34 PDT 2006

Hey all,

I don't know if this is pre 6.2 specific but I changed my /etc/tty for 
device ttyd0 to 'on' from 'off' and when I rebooted the pc I couldn't 
login via regular KVM console, just don't get a login.
The more alarming thing was that while it appeared everything was 
booting up from the boot up messages on the screen, I couldn't remotely 
log into the server in fact it appears the machine didn't bring up the 
Ethernet device as I couldn't even ping it.
As soon as I switched the ttyd0 back to 'off' and rebooted it I could 
ssh back into the server etc.
I have a regular kernel and 1 jail and samba on this machine.

This might just be a ports thing but on another 6.2 server I setup a 
jailed mail server with courier imap and I have noticed that it fails to 
build the courier-imap port with FAM support.
I tried also installing the gamin FAM alternative which builds ok but I 
get signal 11 when I try to login to the imap server.

Does anyone else have these problems?


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