Broken database/mysqltcl

Björn König bkoenig at
Sun Sep 24 10:37:40 PDT 2006

Dear mysqltcl users,

the mysqltcl port is currently broken because a header of the MySQL 
5.0.24a client port is faulty. If you use an older version of MySQL then 
mysqltcl builds without problems. Install it with

   make -DNO_IGNORE install clean

If you use MySQL 5.0.24a then copy the attached patch to


and build the port as mentioned above.

I don't want to submit the patch because I suppose the error will be 
corrected in future versions of MySQL.

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--- generic/mysqltcl.c.old	Tue Sep 19 17:13:05 2006
+++ generic/mysqltcl.c	Tue Sep 19 17:13:18 2006
@@ -53,6 +53,8 @@
 enum MysqlHandleType {HT_CONNECTION=1,HT_QUERY=2,HT_STATEMENT=3};
+typedef unsigned long ulong;
 typedef struct MysqlTclHandle {
   MYSQL * connection;         /* Connection handle, if connected; NULL otherwise. */
   char database[MYSQL_NAME_LEN];  /* Db name, if selected; NULL otherwise. */

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