www/dotproject out of date and vulnerable

Alex Dupre ale at FreeBSD.org
Tue Sep 19 23:14:03 PDT 2006

Kris Kennaway ha scritto:

Damn, how many messages should I read?! :-)

> If there is no problem with using the mysql 5.x client, then just use
> mysql 5.x and be done with it.  You need to figure out whether or not
> that is true.  If it is false, then there's clearly a problem for you

I bet the client will have no problems with mysql 5.0, so this seems a
good solution to me.

> This whole discussion came about because you were trying to look for a
> way to force everything (including php4-mysql) to link to mysql 3.x,
> which is currently impossible to achieve satisfactorily without
> further work on your part.

And adding a php4-mysql3 port is not trivial and I'm against it since
MySQL 3.23 is unsupported. If dotproject *must* depends on mysql 3.23 it
has to be marked NO_PACKAGE, otherwise the above (temporary, until the
sql scripts will be updated) solution is ok.

Alex Dupre

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