FreeBSD Port: ipmi-kmod-20060418_1

Doug Ambrisko ambrisko at
Tue Sep 19 10:03:53 PDT 2006

Michael Graziano writes:
| I believe our 2950 is BIOS Rev. A03 as well, I'll reboot it tomorrow  
| if I have a chance and get the Dell version ID.
| dmesg-wise, my first iomem range is the same as for A02, but my  
| second is not.  I'm leaning toward the explanation that Dell moved  
| something on us and done went and broke the module :-/
| ipmi0: <System Management BIOS> at iomem 0xfd040-0xfd05e, 
| 0xcffbc000-0xcffbcc3a on isa0
| ipmi0: SMBIOS Version: 2.04, revision: 2.04
| ipmi0: KCS mode found at io 0xca8 alignment 0x4 on isa
| ipmi0: couldn't configure smbios io res

FYI, this will be fixed in -current soon.  jhb has been doing some work
in the area to greatly improve some WIP that I gave him.  Dell put
a hole in the address range via their ACPI so it can't attach the

Doug A.

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