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Yoshisato YANAGISAWA yanagisawa at
Sun Sep 17 03:54:31 PDT 2006

Dear Charles,

Thank you for reporting the problem.

On Sat, 16 Sep 2006 18:17:16 -0700
Charles Mujie <charles at> wrote:

> I have a question on dkfilter-0.10_1. I've managed to install the port
> successfully and everything is running fine. However when I enable
> dkfilter_out_enable="YES" in the /etc/rc.conf file it stops at line 52
> "logger -t ${name} `cat ${tmpfile}`". I have to do a control-D to
> continue the boot process. I was wandering if anyone has reported this
> problem before.

Unfortunately, no one has reported this problem.
However, I found that the same problem occured on my FreeBSD machine.

I found a work around to avoid this problem.
The work around is change the time in line 51 from 1 to 10 or something.
I suppose that some kind of racing condition occurs between daemon
command in line 48 and cat command in line 52.
I also found that the same problem occurs even in dkfilter_in.
This might also avoided with the work around above.

I also made a patch, which is attached to this email.
With the patch, dkfilter_out script will spin wait until a size of
a temporary file becomes larger than 0, instead of just wating 1
secound.  This patch fixed the problem on my FreeBSD machine.
If the patch solves your problem, please let me know.
I will sendpr this.

Thank you,

Yoshisato YANAGISAWA <yanagisawa at>
Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences,
Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering,
Tokyo Institute of Technology.
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