port for eXist (Java) with no build step

Stanislav Sedov ssedov at mbsd.msk.ru
Sat Sep 16 13:00:12 PDT 2006

On Sat, 16 Sep 2006 16:00:24 +0100
Adam Retter <adam at adamretter.eclipse.co.uk> mentioned:

> Hello chaps,
> I am tying to create a port for the eXist XML Native Database, when you
> download eXist it comes as an izPack installer jar file. I have created
> a Makefile for my port which correctly downloads the jar
> into /usr/ports/distfiles and requires diablo jdk 1.5.
> Now what I want to do in my Makefile is skip the build step and run the
> following command -
> java
> -jar /usr/ports/distfiles/{$PORTNAME}-{$PORTVERSION}.{EXTRACT_SUFFIX}
> org.exist.izpack.CommandLineInstaller -p /usr/local/eXist
> Which will install eXist into /usr/local/eXist. The eXist distribution
> includes both a compiled ready to run version and the src files.
> So how can I skip the build step and run that command to install the
> distribution.

You can define NO_BUILD=yes in makefile and use do-install target
with command mentioned.

> Also im wondering on the best way to generate either a static or dynamic
> pkg-list for this type of deployment?

I don't know is there any policy for pkg-plists, I prefer static ones
whenever possible.

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