PHP 5.1.6 Command Line Arg Gives Seg Fault

Ron Tarrant rtarrant at
Wed Sep 13 02:21:48 PDT 2006

*eculp at wrote:

*> Kian Mohageri wrote:

> >/ Do you happen to use the php5-ldap extension?  If so, you might try
/> >/ upgrading your openldap port, because I experienced segfaulting with the
/> >/ php command line (5.1.6) using openldap 2.3.25.  I upgraded to
/> >/ openldap-client-2.3.27 and it fixed the problem.
/> >/
/> >/ You can also try using gdb to get an idea of where/when it is seg faulting.
/> >/
/> >/ Hope that helps.
/> >/
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/> >/ Kian Mohageri
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> I was seeing something similar and ended up compiling php5 and all the 
> php5-estensions without IP6 and it solved it for me.  I used portmaster 
> that forced me to check all the make config options in all the php5 and 
> php5-extensions.

> I didn't actually try php --version when I had the problem but was 
> sigfaulting just executing the pear command to see the help screen.

> This was on my upgrade from a previous php upgrade from 5.1.4 maybe.  
> It was not long ago.

Thanks for the input, guys.

My openldap-client version is 2.3.27 and I double-checked the options 
for compiling and found that IP6 was not selected. I also found a 
reference in one of the php mailing lists to segmentation faults 
apparently caused by ImageMagick's magickwand. It was suggested that 
removing the magickwand extension from the list would fix the problem, 
but it didn't for me.

The search for a solution continues.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.

-Ron T.

Ron Tarrant
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