FreeBSD Port: ipmi-kmod-20060418_1

Michael Graziano mikeg at
Fri Sep 8 23:36:05 PDT 2006


By any chance have you had success with this module on some of the  
newer Dell (X950) hardware?

We recently acquired a shiny new 2950, and were able to load an un- 
stripped version of the module (looks like somebody beat me to the  
patch on that), but it stubbornly refuses to create /dev/ipmi0  
(additionally, the system hangs hard when trying to UNload the module  
-- I'll have a chance to investigate that in a little more detail on  
Monday when I'm back near the console - I'm not sure if the whole  
machine is hung, or if it's just blown up the network (bce driver))

We have at least 2-3 weeks before this system goes into production  
(possibly longer), so I'll be able to troubleshoot and experiment if  
you have any ideas.



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