Patch to make dbf2mysql work with MySQL 5.0

Doug Lee dgl at
Thu Sep 7 14:09:16 PDT 2006

old contains the original work/*/mysql2dbf.c file and the port
root-dir Makefile to date today; new contains the patched versions of
these.  c.patch and mk.patch are unified diffs between them.

This makes the dbf2mysql port compile successfully against an
installed MySQL 5.0 client.  Tested under FreeBSD 4.11.  The original
version (1) forced install of MySQL 3.23 client (which replaced my
MySQL 5.0 client), (2) would not then connect to a MySQL 5.0 server
due to authentication changes, and (3) would not compile against the
MySQL 5.0 client library anyway because mysql_connect() is no longer
supported by default.

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