BSD stats project: what about packages?

michael johnson ahze at
Tue Sep 5 16:53:17 UTC 2006

On 9/5/06, Alexey Dokuchaev <danfe at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Firstly, great movement and thanks for doing this.  However, I think
> idea of BSD statistics project can be extended over packages as well.
> Right now it often comes to frustration to see, i.e., tons of rarely
> used by anyone packages on 4 distribution CDs, but no such a useful
> package as SDL (as least, this is true for 4.11-RELEASE).  AFAIK, Debian
> project offers their users some script that collects and submits for
> analysis their list of installed packages, which in turn helps them to
> come with essential packages on CD1, less important but still popular
> ones on CD2, then all the day down to CDn (I've heard they have 7 of
> them.  Oh boy).
> What do people think about it?

I think that'd be a good idea. could also give you a good idea of whats popular.

> P.S.  I'm quite aware of high probability of "do it first, then come
> later and show us it works" kind of answer.  I am willing to participate
> in actual design and implementation, but first I'd like to hear what
> portmgr@ (packagers, even) and general public think of it.  Thanks.
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