BSD stats project: what about packages?

Alexey Dokuchaev danfe at
Tue Sep 5 16:34:09 UTC 2006


Firstly, great movement and thanks for doing this.  However, I think
idea of BSD statistics project can be extended over packages as well.

Right now it often comes to frustration to see, i.e., tons of rarely
used by anyone packages on 4 distribution CDs, but no such a useful
package as SDL (as least, this is true for 4.11-RELEASE).  AFAIK, Debian
project offers their users some script that collects and submits for
analysis their list of installed packages, which in turn helps them to
come with essential packages on CD1, less important but still popular
ones on CD2, then all the day down to CDn (I've heard they have 7 of
them.  Oh boy).

What do people think about it?


P.S.  I'm quite aware of high probability of "do it first, then come
later and show us it works" kind of answer.  I am willing to participate
in actual design and implementation, but first I'd like to hear what
portmgr@ (packagers, even) and general public think of it.  Thanks.

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