Samba upgrade, users cannot connect

Craig Boston craig at
Mon Sep 4 21:22:16 UTC 2006

On Sat, Sep 02, 2006 at 03:45:20PM -0400, Lee Dilkie wrote:
> Anyway, I cannot connect to a share anymore. Correction. I can connect 
> to a share that has "users = somelogonid" but connecting to a share that 
> has "users = @agroup" fails.

Samba seems to be deteriorating with each release.  I'm not sure how
much is a Samba issue and how much is a FreeBSD ports issue.  Here's my
current set of workarounds in rough chronological order of when I
started using them.  You may want to give some of them a try in your
samba config and see if it helps...

I'd try the "fam change notify = no" first since you mentioned FAM
errors, but it doesn't sound like the same symptoms that I had.  I see
that the 3.0.23c commit message mentions something about changes to
"valid users", so I suspect I may have to add yet another workaround
when I upgrade to it.


------ smb.conf ------

# (circa 2004)
# Something broke with oplocks between Samba 2.x and Samba 3.x
# Anything that uses Installshield will fail to install from a samba
# share, dying with a cryptic error message.  Use with caution on
# readwrite shares

fake oplocks = yes
locking = no

# 8/16/2006
# Samba uses FAM now, but it's broken.  Lots of errors about being
# unable to launch gamin and long delays connecting to shares.  Polling
# works good enough, just shut it off.

fam change notify = no

# 8/28/2006
# Apparently Samba now defaults everything to being a DFS root whether
# you're using DFS or not.  Software installs via group policy
# mysteriously fail claiming they're unable to find the source when the
# installation source is a DFS root.  Revert to previous default.

host msdfs = no

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