Samba upgrade, users cannot connect

Lee Dilkie Lee at
Sat Sep 2 19:45:32 UTC 2006

Hi Folks,

This one has got me a bit stumped.

I just upgrade my samba (3) in ports. It was minor upgrade (version 
letter bumped to 'b.1').

Anyway, I cannot connect to a share anymore. Correction. I can connect 
to a share that has "users = somelogonid" but connecting to a share that 
has "users = @agroup" fails. The user keeps getting prompted with a 
password. Nothing in the logs except "FAM file change notifications not 
available" but that log is issued for both cases. The logs for the 
specific machine show the success of connecting to the first (user 
specified) share but no log at all for the second (group specified).

Ideas anyone? This was working great before the upgrade (and I didn't 
see anything special in UPDATING).



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