Xfce 4.4 Beta 1 (

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Tue May 9 19:15:24 UTC 2006


I just uploaded


Changes, thunar and orage are now requirements for xfce4, all the plugins
which are converted to work with 4.4 are updated, and xfce4-desktop got
an optional dependency to thunar (thats what I recall I've changed)

Further xfce4 will now compile with FreeBSD 4 I've added several gcc 2.95
patches which I reported and are mostly committed upstream and be
in-place in the next xfce4 or plugin release.

While edwin@ is committing USE_REINPLACE cleanups it might be possible
that the patch will broke a bit at some point of his cleanup.

Make sure - if you've applied the 01 patch - to reverse the old applied
patch first (with patch -R) before applying the 02 patch.

 Oliver Lehmann

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