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Wed Mar 22 12:54:39 UTC 2006

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> On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 02:06:05 -0800
> Chris <bsd at> wrote:
>> >> /var/mail/infos=>(message 37)=>[S ...  (CET)]=>(MIME
>> >> part)=>q361598.exe infected: Win32.Swen.A at mm <- cevakrnl.xmd
>> >> /var/mail/infos=>(message 37)=>[Subject: ... 6 +0100 (CET)]=>(MIME
>> >> part)=>q361598.exe  move failed <- cevakrnl.xmd
>> >>
>> >> It doesn't appear that all that work to get bdc installed and
>> >> working was worth the time and trouble after all. Isn't it capable
>> >> of disinfection yet?
>> >
>> > My policy has always been that infected mail should be deleted :)
>> Agreed! Unfortunately it's in mbox format and will take a little
>> ferriting to find/ cut/ delete. :( I'm used to the AV being capable
>> of doing that. My *purchased* copy for (Win)NT server version of
>> BitDefender *does* disinfect things quite effectively.
> BitDefender *does* disinfect things and a lot more, but it *does not*
> disinfect & repack mbox files. Do you say that Windows version of
> BitDefender does it?

No. My experience has been so good with the win version. I almost thought
it could disinfect anything. I have only had 2 occassions in 3yrs. of BD
use, where I ever found a VIRII that BD couldn't disinfect on win. I sent
them in to BD for further evaluation. However, I never had occasion to use
it on mbox files before. Given such good experiences with it. I hadn't
imagined there were any practical limitations; as found with mbox files.
So my experience with it on FreeBSD was quite different for that reason.

> The set of scanning engines is THE SAME for
> Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, so it is absolutely impossible to
> succesfully take disinfect actions on a mbox on a platform but to fail
> on another.
>> Hence my choice of installs for FreeBSD. I would *dearly* hate to
>> have to depend on some *lame* win boexn for mail services. >:(
> No need to, they're different perspectives. Different versions of the
> same security suite for different platforms but serving the same
> purpose: better security.

With the exception of handling mbox files; I would have to agree.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.


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