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Wed Mar 22 10:50:05 UTC 2006

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On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 02:06:05 -0800
Chris <bsd at> wrote:

> >> /var/mail/infos=>(message 37)=>[S ...  (CET)]=>(MIME
> >> part)=>q361598.exe infected: Win32.Swen.A at mm <- cevakrnl.xmd
> >> /var/mail/infos=>(message 37)=>[Subject: ... 6 +0100 (CET)]=>(MIME
> >> part)=>q361598.exe  move failed <- cevakrnl.xmd
> >>
> >> It doesn't appear that all that work to get bdc installed and
> >> working was worth the time and trouble after all. Isn't it capable
> >> of disinfection yet?
> >
> > My policy has always been that infected mail should be deleted :)
> Agreed! Unfortunately it's in mbox format and will take a little
> ferriting to find/ cut/ delete. :( I'm used to the AV being capable
> of doing that. My *purchased* copy for (Win)NT server version of
> BitDefender *does* disinfect things quite effectively.

BitDefender *does* disinfect things and a lot more, but it *does not*
disinfect & repack mbox files. Do you say that Windows version of
BitDefender does it? The set of scanning engines is THE SAME for
Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, so it is absolutely impossible to
succesfully take disinfect actions on a mbox on a platform but to fail
on another.

> Hence my choice of installs for FreeBSD. I would *dearly* hate to
> have to depend on some *lame* win boexn for mail services. >:(

No need to, they're different perspectives. Different versions of the
same security suite for different platforms but serving the same
purpose: better security.

Adi Pircalabu (PGP Key ID 0x04329F5E)

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