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Thu Mar 16 20:17:57 UTC 2006

I didn't find any way to attach fixes to a PR.

Mikhail Teterin wrote:
>> I have submitted the following PR a couple of days ago.
> Thanks.
>> No commiter has stepped forward to take care of the matter.
> A couple of days is not too long...
>> Thus I'm now sending the patches to the mailing list in hope that somebody
>> might step up to commit them.
> NEVER do this again. Sending a *link* to the PR, which includes your patches, 
> is perfectly sufficient. There is NO NEED WHATSOEVER to spam hundreds of 
> mailboxes with your patches -- at the most 3 or 5 people would have any 
> interest in them.
> This stupid sending of copies (values) instead of references is a menace of 
> modern software :-( ...
> 	-mi
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