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[LoN]Kamikaze LoN_Kamikaze at
Wed Mar 15 23:22:02 UTC 2006

Today I removed the lines
# FIXME: As of 20051202, installing libgcj nearly kills 1GB machines.

from the ports Makefile. The previous version of the Port gave me
"virtual memory exhausted" messages, even with 800MB of free memory
available. However this time a

# make makesum build

Ran through without troubles.

A "make install" gave me the message again, but forcing an installation
with "make -i install" seems to work. I only compiled a small "Hello
World!", but that is better than nothing, I guess.

The binary turned out to be 9.6K in size, which is a lot better than the
15M I got from previous builds.

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