Mailman port not in pkg_info

Brett Gianpetro brettg at
Tue Mar 14 19:01:06 UTC 2006


I recently re-installed the mailman port version 2.1.7 and I ran into a few
problems.  The first time I installed the port things went smoothly and
I didn't run into any issues.  I had to do a 'make deinstall', though,
because I needed to recompile using some different options.  After the
second build and a 'make reinstall' the port failed on the post-install target
because the check_perms script was failing.  I ran it by hand and it looked
to be some innocuous error, so I just commented it out of the pkg-install script
and put in some bogus command that would exit 0.  That seemed to work, and
everything else installed fine, but for some reason it doesn't show up in a
'pkg_info'.  Does anyone know why this would be and how to fix it?


Brett Gianpetro 

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