bash 3.1.10 breaks configure scripts (was Re: configure scripts ignores parameters)

Rainer Alves rainer.alves at
Mon Mar 6 05:57:00 PST 2006

Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
>> While we're on the subject of bash 3.x port breakage {...}
> My apologies -- turns out this is for bash 3.1 and not 3.0 (which is
> what we use in ports).
> Nothing to see here, move along.  ;-)

Actually, ports has 3.1.10. I also agree that updating to patchlevel 11 
is recommended.
It's also worth saying that the author decided to reroll the distfile 
"bash31-10" (a 2k patch) at his personal site. If/when he decides to 
update, we'll have problems since checksums would no longer 
match. This probably will happen after the freeze is over and we'd have 
6.1/5.5 users complaining they're unable to install shells/bash. (old patch) (new patch)

PS: We're using MASTER_SITE_GNU for distfiles download.

-- Rainer Alves

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