no success!! : Exim - Courier-Imap - imp/horde problem

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Sat Jun 24 20:36:35 UTC 2006

Le Sam 24 jui 06 à 21:14:46 +0200, tracy musaza <cocko_mirindi at>
 écrivait :
> Dear Marcio Luciano
>    I cd to  /usr/ports/devel/php4-pear  then # make install clean

If your ports tree is up-to-date, there is no more devel/php4-pear, it
has been removed:

grep php4-pear /usr/ports/MOVED
devel/php4-pear||2005-12-09|Obsoleted by devel/pear port

If no PHP port has been installed (as reported by pkg_info),

cd /usr/ports/www/horde
make install

should install the right dependencies.

Failure causes might be:

- uncoherent ports tree (to be fixed by cvsup or csup);

- special variables defined in your /etc/make.conf;

- uncomplete previous deinstallation (is there some

- ...

Th. Thomas.

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