openssh-{gssapi,portable} & 'make index'

Peter Losher plosher-keyword-freebsd.a36e57 at
Wed Jun 21 00:11:13 UTC 2006

Peter Losher wrote:

> However after a 'make index' things like mtr-nox11 are included into
> INDEX-6, but not openssh-gssapi?  The only difference is that the
> -gssapi moniker is declared as a GSSAPI_SUFFIX make variable vs. the
> I realize the reason that openssh-portable has numerous suffix options;
> Is there perhaps a way for 'make index' to honor the GSSAPI_SUFFIX
> declaration so it can be included in the INDEX?

After some more thought, I found what I think is a bug - PKGNAMESUFFIX
is never set; remove the '?' at the end:

% diff -u Makefile Makefile.orig
--- Makefile    Tue Jun 20 23:29:23 2006
+++ Makefile.orig       Tue Jun 20 23:57:38 2006
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ \
 DISTNAME=      # empty

 MAINTAINER=    mnag at

regenerate INDEX-6, and the entry is now there:

grep gssapi /usr/ports/INDEX-6
portable version of OpenBSD's
OpenSSH|/usr/ports/security/openssh-portable/pkg-descr|mnag at|security

Being unfamiliar with port variables, is there a reason why there was a
question mark at the end of PKGNAMESUFFIX?  Can it be removed safely?

Best Wishes - Peter

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