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Peter Losher plosher-keyword-freebsd.a36e57 at plosh.net
Tue Jun 20 22:56:42 UTC 2006

(taking this to ports@ since it's more relevant here)

In a message to freebsd-stable Andrew Li wrote:

>> First, is there any way to instruct 'make release' to just build certain
>> packages (and their dependencies) for inclusion in the release instead
>> of a blanket NOPORTS?  There's no need for us spend two/three days
>>From my experience with playing with make release, you can do it.
> First build your packages with "make package" or "pkg_create" to get a 
> package tarball. Then put the packages into your_path/release/R/cdrom/disc1
> into a directory call "packages". Create the package directory structure,
> like packages/All, packages/your_package_category, ... 

O.k. did that (and generated a new INDEX file using scrubindex.pl)
However in sysinstall, after selecting the packages and selecting
"Install" it remarks that:

"This is disc 1. Package $package_name is on Disc 0. Would you like to
switch discs now?"

Disk 0?

> After that, modify the INDEX file so it only contain your packages 
> (plus dependencies). Then run mkisomages.sh to create your ISO.

So I have used scrubindex.pl to generate a INDEX of just our packages,
however, I have to generate a new master INDEX-6 file to account for the
fact that we build our packages w/o x11 support and with GSSAPI. (so
scrubindex.pl can then strip the rest out)

However after a 'make index' things like mtr-nox11 are included into
INDEX-6, but not openssh-gssapi?  The only difference is that the
-gssapi moniker is declared as a GSSAPI_SUFFIX make variable vs. the

I realize the reason that openssh-portable has numerous suffix options;
Is there perhaps a way for 'make index' to honor the GSSAPI_SUFFIX
declaration so it can be included in the INDEX?

> That's all from memory, may contain rough edges, hope it helps anyway.

Thanks... The base release is done, it's just the pesky frills that take
forever to resolve... :)

Best Wishes - Peter

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