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Thanks for your reply. Please don't think I've ignored you, I've just been a
bit time stricken lately. :)

The only problem I can foresee with your suggestion is that the ant build
actually pauses during the install so that the user may browse to the web
interface, and doesn't end the build until the user has completed the
wizard; with your suggestion, I couldn't imagine a way to lauch links within
the same terminal to permit the user to configure the install. Is this
possible? Thanks.


On 6/15/06, Xin LI <delphij at> wrote:
> Hi, David,
> 在 2006-06-15四的 01:10 -0400,David Stanford写道:
> > Okay, I decided to just have the source extract to ${DATADIR}. I've
> attached
> > the port. I'd like to see what some you all think and maybe correct any
> > errors I may have made...then I'd like to submit it. Thanks!
> [snipped]
> Because it needs the user to interactive with it through a web browser,
> it seems to be sort of reasonable to just install the source code.
> Some of my random thoughts (my 0.02 cents):
> I think that you may want to consider to add a browser (e.g. links) as
> its dependency (Unfortunately we does not seem to have a
> CONFIGURE_DEPENDS= value!), and run it in the configure stage, if no
> PACKAGE_BUILDING nor BATCH is defined, where a set of fallback default
> settings should be used.  This way it would be possible to do binary
> packages which can be deployed rapidly.
> Cheers,
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