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Thu Jun 15 06:02:12 UTC 2006

Hi, David,

在 2006-06-15四的 01:10 -0400,David Stanford写道:
> Okay, I decided to just have the source extract to ${DATADIR}. I've attached
> the port. I'd like to see what some you all think and maybe correct any
> errors I may have made...then I'd like to submit it. Thanks!

Because it needs the user to interactive with it through a web browser,
it seems to be sort of reasonable to just install the source code.

Some of my random thoughts (my 0.02 cents):

I think that you may want to consider to add a browser (e.g. links) as
its dependency (Unfortunately we does not seem to have a
CONFIGURE_DEPENDS= value!), and run it in the configure stage, if no
PACKAGE_BUILDING nor BATCH is defined, where a set of fallback default
settings should be used.  This way it would be possible to do binary
packages which can be deployed rapidly.

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