NOT installing the .la files

Matthias Andree matthias.andree at
Thu Jun 15 16:30:32 UTC 2006

Mikhail Teterin <mi+kde at> writes:

> On Wednesday 14 June 2006 07:30, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> = The current libtool port does install .la files. There's no work in  
> = progress to change this. If nobody sends patches to the upstream  
> = maintainers, there will never be a libtool version which completely  
> = works without .la files. So the right thing to do ATM is to *not*  
> = remove .la files in ports. 
> We go through quite some trouble to conditionally install port documentation 
> for many ports. Many ports also have options, which allow lighter 
> configurations, with some features disabled -- to save space and build times. 
> It may sound like "a lot of work" to save a few Kb and inodes, but remember, 
> that these get multiplied by the countless thousands of computers...  How 
> hard is something like:

Not a valid argument - one or perhaps five inodes per port with a single
FS block each -- it's not a global resource that's being wasted, but a
local resource that is readily available. I'm not going to risk build
errors with PREFIX or something just to save some bytes...

Matthias Andree

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