FreeBSD Port: net/quagga

Sam Lawrance boris at
Sun Jun 11 01:59:15 UTC 2006

On 11/06/2006, at 11:41 AM, Doug Barton wrote:

> Peter Losher wrote:
>> Doug Barton wrote:
>>>> Is there any way to tell the script when it's in
>>>> local/etc/rc.d to run at network setup instead of at the end?
>>> Yes, upgrade to 6.1 or 6-stable where this issue has been addressed.
>> Doug,
>> As simple as I am sure that solution sounds,
> I didn't say it was simple, or even that it sounds simple. You  
> asked for a
> solution, so I gave you a solution. :) I should perhaps have added  
> that this
> suggestion was in lieu of the rather obvious one that you had already
> described in your post, moving the startup script to /etc/rc.d by  
> hand. I
> can certainly see how neither one of those may be the most attractive
> solutions possible, but they _are_ solutions.
>> If this is "they way things are going to be" then I certainly request
>> that there be put in place some glue (like USE_RCORDER) so that  
>> those of
>> us that can't jump can still take advantage of those ports that  
>> require
>> priority startup functionality to function.
> For the very few ports that actually need it, USE_RCORDER is still  
> there. I
> don't know why the port author decided not to use it, hopefully he can
> respond on that point. That variable is deprecated, but where it is  
> still
> needed, it can still be used. I would suggestion something like:
> .if ${OSVERSION} < 600101
> .else
> USE_RC_SUBR=	foo
> .endif

In that case we should remove the check from portlint, until  
USE_RC_ORDER is no longer required by supported systems.  Otherwise  
it's just another confusing portlint warning.  The port author  
removed it because portlint said it was deprecated.

Can USE_RC_ORDER still be used on all supported FreeBSD versions  
without negative effect?  If there is a need to conditionalize  
behaviour on OSVERSION, it could be handled in (depending  
on how many ports need it, really).

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