FreeBSD Port: net/quagga

Doug Barton dougb at
Sun Jun 11 01:41:27 UTC 2006

Peter Losher wrote:
> Doug Barton wrote:
>>> Is there any way to tell the script when it's in
>>> local/etc/rc.d to run at network setup instead of at the end?
>> Yes, upgrade to 6.1 or 6-stable where this issue has been addressed.
> Doug,
> As simple as I am sure that solution sounds,

I didn't say it was simple, or even that it sounds simple. You asked for a
solution, so I gave you a solution. :) I should perhaps have added that this
suggestion was in lieu of the rather obvious one that you had already
described in your post, moving the startup script to /etc/rc.d by hand. I
can certainly see how neither one of those may be the most attractive
solutions possible, but they _are_ solutions.

> If this is "they way things are going to be" then I certainly request
> that there be put in place some glue (like USE_RCORDER) so that those of
> us that can't jump can still take advantage of those ports that require
> priority startup functionality to function.

For the very few ports that actually need it, USE_RCORDER is still there. I
don't know why the port author decided not to use it, hopefully he can
respond on that point. That variable is deprecated, but where it is still
needed, it can still be used. I would suggestion something like:

.if ${OSVERSION} < 600101




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