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On Wed, 07 Jun 2006 07:19:27 -0500, Hans Lambermont  
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> Sergey Matveychuk wrote:
>> Portupgrade ideas page was created on our wiki server:
>> http://wiki.freebsd.org/portupgrade
>> I would like to hear your ideas, wishes and comments.
> - improved robustness :
>   - understand ruby/portupgrade upgrade order. Maybe restart after one
>     of these was upgraded too ?
>   - warn about UPDATING entries for ports that upgrade 'over'
>     (time-wise) such an entry before upgrading starts, maybe even
>     default to requiring a 'do continue' user action.
>   - be able to handle gnome and glib upgrades, basically obsoleting
>     gnome_upgrade.sh

We already have obsolted gnome_upgrade.sh for GNOME 2.12 -> 2.14 when we  
have found a bug in libtool. But I understand your point of portupgrade is  
supposed to be able to handle that kind of issue before we obsolted  

>   - similar for perl, maybe mention perl-after-upgrade ?
>   - save backout modules somewhere and add interface backout to a set of
>     these saved modules.
> - speed :
>   - 'make config' default on all target ports before starting the first  
> build.

I never have use portupgrade -m, so have no idea if it will working...  
Have you tried "portupgrade -m 'config-recursive'"? or "portupgrade -m  

>   - 'make fetch' option on all target ports before starting the first  
> build.

The portupgrade -F will downloading the distfile first, no build/install.  
But you can do 'portupgrade -F[...] ; portupgrade -a[...]' if you want to  
fetch first then build/install.


> - clarity :
>   - show a dependency graph of the entire upgrade order beforehand, also
>     listing the KNOBS (make.conf and pkgtools) and OPTIONS per port.
>   - list the ports afterwards that were newly installed during an  
> upgrade.
>   - option to show all relevant pkg-message files at the end of the
>     upgrade again.
> regards,
>    Hans Lambermont

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