portupgrade quirks

Sergey Matveychuk sem at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jun 1 03:47:37 PDT 2006

Daichi GOTO wrote:
> Sergey Matveychuk wrote:
>> I've wrote a patch for portupgrade that makes a version checking
>> complianted with pkg_version(1). And I got no answer from maintainer for
>> a month.
> to komatsu-san:
>   Hey komatsu-san?  Are you active now?  What do you make of it?
>> I would take the port if nobody objects. And I would close all related
>> PRs after that.
> to Mr.Sergey:
> Yeah, do it :)  maybe komatsu-san is very busy for his business.
> So sorry for my slow response.
> Thanks for your active!

Don't you know if I can get an access to repository?


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