irssi-devel + irssiproxy broken

Tim Hammerquist penryu at
Mon Jul 24 23:37:46 UTC 2006


I built the STABLE irssi-devel port with proxy (ie, irssiproxy)
enabled, and configured the client according to the documentation on
the site

However, the irssiproxy silently fails each time.  The .so module is
loaded successfully, and I get no errors about port binding, but
netstat never reveals anything listening on the configured ports, and
all client connections are immediately rejected.

After several non-consecutive hours of blaming the documentation, my
own actions, googling, and cvsup'ing my ports and trying again,
I decided to try it on another system (Debian/testing).

I copied the ~/.irssi directory straight across to the linux box,
fired up irssi, and a netstat revealed it was already listening on the
configured ports. The subsequent attempts to connect to it from
a remote box were also successful.

The googling (web and usenet) revealed a few obscure errors where the
irssi port would fail to bind to the desired ports with an error
message.  I was unable to find any solution to this issue posted, and
my experience never yielded any binding failure messages.

To the owner of the irssi-devel port, is this a known issue?  Is there
a fix or work-around?

Tim Hammerquist

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