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Sun Jul 16 07:40:09 UTC 2006

Eric Anholt wrote:
> I think we should be able come up with something to do the transition
> without having to recompile all X11BASE ports.  Sure seems to me like
> that ought to be doable.

What about setting the default X11BASE to /usr/local/ depending on
OSVERSION=>700000. That way only -CURRENT users will have to rebuild
everything (which they are used to). Newly installed system with the
yet-to-come 7.0-RELEASE will simply use '/usr/local' as global X11BASE
and we could add a compatibility symlink to the mtree files for 7.0 too.

3 years down the road only few "desktop" users will still be running 5.x
or 6.x

What am I missing?

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