7.0-Current and Firefox (libxremote_client.so: Undefined symbol)

Ricardo A. Reis ricardo_bsd at yahoo.com.br
Thu Jul 13 00:38:00 UTC 2006

> Are you sure everything is in sync? This is a known problem
> for firefox package but it should not continue if you rebuild
> firefox with a -CURRENT system. I highly recommend using
> 6-STABLE instead of 7-CURRENT unless you're planning
> on doing some development work... 7-STABLE changes
> so much and you will have to rebuild lots of stuff very often.
Yes, i use cvsup (cvsup12.freebsd.org) with crontab and current in the  
last 2 years
without any problems, testing and re-testing make build world all weekends.
I don't have any planning for install RELENG_6 in this machine, sorry ;-)
But if native firefox don't work, i use opera or linux-firefox without any  
problems :-(


Ricardo A. Reis
Unix and Network Admin

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