Fixing VNC port(s) for AMD64

Justin T. Gibbs gibbs at
Wed Jul 5 13:12:48 UTC 2006

> My experiences trying to fix NXwindows for AMD64 were quite similar. A better 
> solution would be to get the vendors to update their code to either a newer 
> XF86 or Xorg.  I think both VNC and NX use XFree 4.3 or earlier which do not 
> support amd64 (though they seem to support ia64). It seems to me that Linux 
> users would have the same problems that we do.

Recent VNC distributions are shipped without X11 source.  Our VNC
port uses XFree 4.3 as that is the most compatible with the patch
provided in the VNC distribution, but the patch is trivial to fix
so it builds against a newer XFree or Xorg distribution.  The tough
part is getting a properly patched Xorg source tree for the port -
something each Xserver like port shouldn't have to replicate.


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