Squid 2.6 issues

Thomas-Martin Seck tmseck at netcologne.de
Tue Jul 4 17:53:48 UTC 2006

* Andrew Pantyukhin (infofarmer at gmail.com):

> Hi!
> I'd like to thank you for the quick response to squid 2.6
> release. I tried your patches and installed it in production
> today, but some major problems made me revert to 2.5.
> 1. I use transparent squid with ipfw. I don't enable PF or
> IPF transparent options. But without them, squid doesn't
> seem to support transparent at all. I see this in my logs:
> WARNING: transparent proxying not supported
> Maybe IPF transparent mode is compatible with ipfw?
> I can't test right now.

AFAIR, 2.5 did support transparent proxying via IPFW, at least on
RELENG_4, without problems, but I must admit I never tried it on RELENG_5
and up :-/

> 2. I use three parent caches, and I see _lots_ of messages
> in my cache.log:
> Failed to select source for <URL>...
> 3. Redirectors exit after a few seconds in operation
> 4. Squid locks up and consumes 100% CPU after a
> few minutes in operation under mild load

Could you try rebuilding the port without kqueue support? Just a guess,
but you can never tell.

> Can you please advertise in some way that squid26 is
> not yet quite ready for production. A separate port is a
> great idea, but I expect many people to try and fail.

I suspected issues, that's why www/squid will stay at 2.5 for a while.
2.6.STABLE1 was released way to fast for my taste, RC3 would have been
better (I had prepared a port for RC2 for submission when I noticed the
STABLE1 announcement on squid-users :-/ .)

> Meanwhile, I don't have much spare time, but I'll be
> glad to help resolve the issues.

Please report all problems you encounter directly to the squid
developers, either via bugzilla or to the squid mailinglists; my
skillset limits me to stuff like checking for compilation and packaging
errors... The squid folks seem to be using mostly linux, Solaris, and
Windows nowadays, so they are probably not aware of our FreeBSD specific

> Thanks again!

You're welcome! I am sorry that I cannot help you much myself regarding
the abovementioned issues. I run 2.6.RC2 in a very lightly loaded
environment without issues as of now.

Best regards,
Thomas-Martin Seck

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