felt 3.06 package

Michele Williams mwilliams at qtsi.com
Mon Sep 19 07:03:01 PDT 2005

Hi, I have been trying to get felt to run. I am not a
developer/programmer, so please excuse any stupid questions. I am
running SUSE 9.2 Pro. I downloaded the 3.06 package from freebsd, after
making sure that I have all the required packages. I have removed all
vestiges of other versions and compiles that I had tried. I
bzipped/tared, and everything looks good. Except that when I type
bin/felt or bin/velvet (from the top FELT directory) or felt or velvet
(from the FELT/bin directory) or even ~/FELT/bin/velvet, I get "bash:
./velvet: No such file or directory."

It seems like it must be something simple, but I can't figure it out.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Michele Williams

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