an alternative to 5.3.5

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Sun Sep 4 04:47:15 PDT 2005

# LoN_Kamikaze at / 2005-09-04 11:31:31 +0200:
> While reading through the porters handbook (section 5.3.5) I thought it
> would be an easy alternative to a reorganisation to have a keyword file
> for every port that holds in every line one keyword that represents a
> category (it's popular to call this tagging, now).

    Something like this is already in place, it's called CATEGORIES (a
    make macro).

> It would be easy to make a script that searches through all ports'
> keyword files.

    That already exists.
> It would make sense for such ports as java/eclipse which somehow in my
> opinion also belongs into devel, since it's a software development tool
> with plugins for a lot of programming languages like C/C++ or PHP.

    It *is* in devel:

    roman at isis /usr/ports 1007:0 > make search name=\^eclipse-'[[:digit:]]' display=path,cat
    Path:   /usr/ports/java/eclipse
    Index:  java devel

    roman at isis /usr/ports 1008:0 > make -V CATEGORIES -f java/eclipse/Makefile      java devel                                                                
    roman at isis /usr/ports 1009:0 > 

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