an alternative to 5.3.5

[LoN]Kamikaze LoN_Kamikaze at
Sun Sep 4 02:31:20 PDT 2005

While reading through the porters handbook (section 5.3.5) I thought it
would be an easy alternative to a reorganisation to have a keyword file
for every port that holds in every line one keyword that represents a
category (it's popular to call this tagging, now).
It would be easy to make a script that searches through all ports'
keyword files.

It would make sense for such ports as java/eclipse which somehow in my
opinion also belongs into devel, since it's a software development tool
with plugins for a lot of programming languages like C/C++ or PHP.

Anyway, I'm new to this list, but if anyone thinks the idea is worth
trying I'd like to write the script that scans through the ports

- Dominic F.
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