Can't build postfix(-current)

Stefan Tell stefan.tell at
Sun Nov 13 07:46:50 PST 2005

 * "Michael C. Shultz" <ringworm01 at>

> > [stell at zeus:/usr/ports/mail/postfix]% make fetch
> > env: SASL2: No such file or directory
> > *** Error code 127

> I just tested portmanager on a 4.11 system, works fine.  I think on your 
> system you need to scrap the ports tree you have, down load another
> and leave it at /usr/ports. 

I recently load a fresh ports tree to /usr/ports. Same error. I still don't
know, which part of the port looks for "SASL2" (file or directory). 

I also tried a package ... that works, but is not build with SASL2-support.
Can I get a postfix(-current) package for FreeBSD 4.10 / 4.11 build with
SASL2 support somewhere?

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