Amarok + postgreSQL version

Michael Nottebrock lofi at
Sat Nov 12 23:48:02 PST 2005

On Friday, 11. November 2005 23:23, Luk van den Borne wrote:

> I was wondering how (and if) I can select what version of postgreSQL
> is installed as a dep of amaroK. I'm experimenting with postgres 8.x,
> and I do not want to run two seperate database backends. By default,
> postgresql-client-7.4.9 is installed.

FWIW, I'm pretty sure that you can make connections to a postgresql 8.x 
database server using the 7.4 client just fine and you wouldn't need to run 
separate backends, but anyway:

Set the WANT_PGSQL_VER variable to the number suffix of the postgresql ports 
you want - /etc/make.conf is a good place for this:

For a value use 'XY' from the postgresqlXY-client|server ports, for instance

WANT_PGSQL_VER=73 will adjust dependencies to postgresql73-client|server


WANT_PGSQL_VER=80 will adjust dependencies to postgresql80-client|server

Note that this only works for ports - the binary packages available on the 
FreeBSD ftp mirrors are always built against the default dependencies.

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