horde ports deinstall bug

John Nielsen john at jnielsen.net
Fri Nov 11 11:30:43 PST 2005

The pkg-deinstall script used by many of the horde ports (including but not 
limited to imp, kronolith, gollem, ingo, mnemo, nag and turba) does not 
respect LHORDEDIR.  As a result, the uninstall does not back up config files 
if LHORDEDIR was set to anything other than the default value.  A portupgrade 
will therefore destroy any existing configuration that was not manually 
backed up.

A little sed trickery is probably all that would be needed to correct this, 
but being only an amateur porter I'm unsure where/how to write this up for a 

I'd like to see this fixed, and I'd be happy to submit a PR (with patches if I 
get time to figure out how it all works exactly) if this isn't already a 
quick fix for someone more experienced.



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