devel/pwlib and net/openh323 update coming

Koop Mast kwm at
Wed Nov 9 15:06:19 PST 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 11:03 -0500, Steve Ames wrote:
> Joerg Pulz wrote:
> >
> > now that there are three months almost gone without any further noise
> > about this, i would like to ask about the current status.
> > Is there any progress or are there any news?

Yes, there is some news (even if its a bit old). See below.

> Excellent question... its gone all quiet :) I was rather under the
> impression that 6.0-R was the major holdup as no one wanted to do anything
> radical to the ports while it was pending (other than a gnome and kde update
> that was pretty major... heh).

I was waiting for 6.0-R to be frozen (not motivated to rush this in
before the freeze) and release, before doing the finishing touches. On
the way it collected a bit of dust.

> > I really would like to see something happen in this area.
> Me too. I'd like to see the current production versions of pwlib and
> openh323 put into the ports tree. The old ones should just be retired. Most
> mainstream ports that use pwlib and openh323 have been updated to work with
> the current versions of these libraries. The gnomemeeting folks even host a
> mirror for the current versions and their website says they are know to
> work. asterisk-oh323 wants a higher version than the one currently in ports.

My idea was to repo-copy pwlib, openh323 and gnomemeeting to versioned
ports. And then let the maintainers of the other ports that need
pwlib/openh323 decide what pwlib/openh323 version they want. When there
are no users left we can delete the old ones.

> The last release of OpenH323 (1.15.6) includes fixes specifically for BSD.

That is good to know.

> Multiple sets of patches and aproaches have been submitted. Obviously new
> patches would have to be generated and submitted to reflect changes in
> versions and the ports tree... However someone with a commit bit needs to be
> backing this process or its essentially wasted effort to do so.

I still got all the patches that where where floating around (I think).
And I sort of put them together.

> Once the basic infrastructure is updated to current release versions and
> shared libraries it becomes trivial to add ports for the -devel versions so
> that these can be tracked as well (including a -devel version for OPAL).

You won't belive it but I poked the in development stuff before. I still
got that stuff lying around, I hope. But that is after the current stuff
is added.

> -steve


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