devel/pwlib and net/openh323 update coming

Steve Ames steve at
Wed Nov 9 08:03:54 PST 2005

Joerg Pulz wrote:
> now that there are three months almost gone without any further noise
> about this, i would like to ask about the current status.
> Is there any progress or are there any news?

Excellent question... its gone all quiet :) I was rather under the
impression that 6.0-R was the major holdup as no one wanted to do anything
radical to the ports while it was pending (other than a gnome and kde update
that was pretty major... heh).

> I really would like to see something happen in this area.

Me too. I'd like to see the current production versions of pwlib and
openh323 put into the ports tree. The old ones should just be retired. Most
mainstream ports that use pwlib and openh323 have been updated to work with
the current versions of these libraries. The gnomemeeting folks even host a
mirror for the current versions and their website says they are know to
work. asterisk-oh323 wants a higher version than the one currently in ports.
The last release of OpenH323 (1.15.6) includes fixes specifically for BSD.

Multiple sets of patches and aproaches have been submitted. Obviously new
patches would have to be generated and submitted to reflect changes in
versions and the ports tree... However someone with a commit bit needs to be
backing this process or its essentially wasted effort to do so.

Once the basic infrastructure is updated to current release versions and
shared libraries it becomes trivial to add ports for the -devel versions so
that these can be tracked as well (including a -devel version for OPAL).


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