Request for comments: port-tags

Parv parv at
Tue Nov 8 20:59:18 PST 2005

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wrote Lars Thegler thusly...
> Alex Dupre wrote:
> >like it very much. One thing we can add to enhance the tag 
> >classification is to add an optional PORTTAGS variable where we can 
> >define additional tags (not present in CATEGORY and COMMENT) for the 
> >port, so that "Maildir" could be for example associated with 
> >mail/dovecot. This will require additional work for maintainers, but I 
> >think it'll highly improve the searches.
> I suspect most (if not all) tag addition could be done within COMMENT 
> itself. For people browsing the portstree through other means, say, 
> FreshPorts, improving COMMENT makes very good sense, IMHO.

When i read COMMENT, i want to know the purpose of the port.
Currently, in most cases i have to read pkg-descr to get a better
understanding (as COMMENT is just filler).  (Yes, i know that only
thing that can improve the current situation would be to file PRs to
better define COMMENT.)

If keywords start filling COMMENT,  i think purpose of COMMENT will
fail.  Then again, rereading what i wrote in the above paragraph,
COMMENT will server a fruitful purpose finally by containing
keywords (albeit under a indirectly related variable name).

  - Parv


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