Patching files with spaces in the name

Alex Varju alex at
Thu Mar 31 20:21:03 PST 2005

While I'm sure this question must have come up in the past, I can't find 
anything in the archives.  Is there any good method for patching source 
files with spaces in the name?

I'm looking at creating an eclipse-devel port for Eclipse 3.1m5a.  I've 
already got something working now that allows me to build on AMD64 (see 
the freebsd-java archives if you are interested).  Now I'm trying to 
clean up my work, and one of the problems I've encountered is that 
Eclipse uses spaces in many of their paths.  If I take a diff for 
changes I've made to files within one of these directories, the patch 
won't apply again afterwards.

Are there any ports that deal with similar problems in an elegant manner?


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