Browser and Acrobat Reader problem + solution

Jos Backus jos at
Thu Mar 31 23:09:52 PST 2005

I was having this problem with recent Acrobat Reader ports and
mozilla's/firefoxes which exhibited itself by the inability to open PDF
documents from within the browser. Inside the browser (mozilla/firefox) the
`acroread' script is being used as a helper application to open the PDF file.
The error I was seeing indicated that acroread (the Linux binary) was trying
to open /usr/local/lib/!

After some digging I found the following:

The /usr/local/bin/mozilla script tries to find a /dev/dsp handler; under KDE
it finds and uses artsdsp which sets LD_PRELOAD to something like
/usr/local/lib/ This of course
doesn't work since a Linux binary (acroread) cannot use FreeBSD DSO's. The fix
is to use a helper script which unsets LD_PRELOAD before starting acroread:

    % cat /usr/local/bin/
    unset LD_PRELOAD
    exec acroread "$@"

Hope somebody finds this useful.

Jos Backus
jos at

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