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Sun Mar 27 11:18:15 PST 2005

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> > I noticed that ports are very slow lately, what I realized is that
> > the pkg_* tools on my machine spend a huge amount of time walking
> > the /var/db/pkg/* files stat(2)'ing them and doing other
> > operations.
> > 
> > This gets really slow when one has 500+ packages installed.
> "pkg_info -[wRr]" is going to take its sweet time to look for the
> requested information.  "pkg_info -s" will be slow if there are
> large number of files in a package.  Plain "pkg_info" should be
> rrelatively fast if the given arguments don't specify a "larger
> number" of ports.
> One could create some sort of cache the that would (try to) minimize
> file accesses/searches.

The actual problem is when pkg_delete is used to delete a package
as well as when the port is "registering installation" is when it
appears to walk the /var/db/pkg/ directory.  The problem can be
seen on my machine if you install/deinstall the deskutils/logjam

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