No compat5x port yet?

Ade Lovett ade at
Fri Mar 18 09:41:32 PST 2005

Doug Barton wrote:
> Ade Lovett wrote:
>> Whilst it would indeed end up being a port, wouldn't the volunteers
>> suggested here be more likely to be tracking -current?
> Umm, yes? (Not sure I understand the question, unless you're saying I
> should have posted to freebsd-current at .)

Well, I was thinking more along the lines of whilst it would be a port,
the real work associated with it would be identifying those bits and
pieces of userland that would need to go into such a port, which to my
mind is more the remit of src/ people -- the actual mechanics of
creating and packaging a compat5x are minimal compared to the content.

>> I'd also imagine that at least the first cut of a misc/compat5x port
>> would be based on libraries from 5.4-RELEASE as and when it happens.
> I agree that's a reasonable approach, but doesn't stop me from needing
> it now. :)

:)  I fully understand -- given the impending 5.4-RELEASE though, we do
seem to be in something of a fortuitous situation to create a good,
solid misc/compat5x just after 5.4 is pushed out the door.


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